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Improving the Quality of Pneumatic Components and Promoting Development with Pneumatic Tools


Latest company news about Improving the Quality of Pneumatic Components and Promoting Development with Pneumatic Tools


As more and more pneumatic tool operators move towards branding, some well-known products from abroad have also been introduced. To meet the market demands of different consumers, pneumatic tools are developing in the following directions:

1. Mechatronics integration. In order to accurately achieve the predetermined goals, it is necessary to use conversion between gas and electrical signals;

2. Precision direction. To achieve more accurate cylinder positioning, sensors, proportional valves, etc. are used to achieve precise feedback control;

3. Combination and intelligent orientation. During the material handling process, a combination of cylinders, oscillating cylinders, and vacuum suction cups has been used. Moving small items is a combination of the two cylinders of the guide according to the X and Y axes, and is also equipped with an electromagnetic valve and a programmable controller, which is compact in structure and occupies little space.


According to the "2011-2016 China Pneumatic Tool Market Analysis Deep Research Report", with the improvement of technical levels such as rolling, drawing, casting, mechanical processing, cleaning of burrs, assembly and testing, the appearance and internal quality of pneumatic components will also continue to improve. Industrial ceramics, high-performance soft magnets, and new materials for plastic packaging have been applied in new products, and the application of new materials in the future will also be increasing.


There are five major development trends for future pneumatic tools: firstly, miniaturization and integration. Due to limited development and limited space, the external dimensions of pneumatic components are required to be as small as possible. Integration not only saves space, but also facilitates the reliability of installation, maintenance, and work; The second is: combination, intelligence, and precision; Thirdly, the pace of automation is accelerating. In order to improve productivity, high-speed pneumatic tools are an inevitable trend; Fourthly, as people's requirements become higher and higher, the functions of pneumatic tools that are oil-free, odorless, and sterile will be continuously developed; Fifth, energy conservation and low power consumption are permanent topics for enterprises.


The unparalleled advantages of pneumatic tools:

Firstly, in terms of work ability. Pneumatic tools can be easily operated and adjusted through the air supply valve handle, providing more levels of selection in the speed range. Under the same output power, compared to electric tools, pneumatic tools are more suitable for long-term operation without generating heat. And even if the compressed air engine experiences overload, the tool only stops rotating, and once the overload phenomenon is relieved, it will resume normal operation.

Secondly, in terms of environmental applicability. Pneumatic tools have stronger water resistance. Although soaking in water is harmful to tools, it does not generate electrical sparks like hardware electric tools, which can cause harm. And because pneumatic tools can use internal combustion engine air pumps, they can adapt to various adverse or harsh environments.

Finally, in terms of economy. The initial investment of electric tools is relatively low, but the long-term use of energy consumption is high, and the cost of tool maintenance and replacement is also high. The initial investment in pneumatic tools requires the establishment of air pressure pipeline equipment, but long-term use has lower costs in energy consumption and tool maintenance.


After seeing its own advantages, pneumatic tools need to overcome many of their own shortcomings, which should have good development prospects. With the increasing demands of people, the functions of oil-free, odorless, and sterile pneumatic tools will be continuously developed. Energy conservation and low power consumption are permanent issues for enterprises.

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